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Circus Men Bag Princesses--

Stephanie of Monaco


Daughter ofPrince Rainier III of Monaco & Grace Kelly.
Princess Stephanie and Daniel Ducruet:
Stephanie of Monaco
& Daniel Ducruet

Wife of:
1. Daniel Ducruet. (1964-Present)
French bodybuilder & bodyguard
mar 1995, div 1996.

"In 1995 Stéphanie married Daniel Ducret, her former bodyguard. Ducret was a member of Monaco’s police force when he first met the royal in 1988, but by the time the two were romantically involved, he was running a seafood-distributing business. “The first time we met…we exchanged a glance, and we couldn’t stop looking at each other,” Ducret told PEOPLE back in 1992. He was a controversial choice for the young royal: Not only was he divorced, he was also already a father to a son." (People)
First public appearance of Princess Stephanie of Monaco and her husband, trapeze artist Adans Lopez Peres, on January 15, 2004.:
Stephanie of Monaco
& Adans Lopez Peres

a trapeze artist.
mar 2003, div 2004


There's always a man in her life: "To newspapers and magazine editors, Princess Stephanie, 25, youngest of the three children of Prince Rainier and the late Princess Grace (Kelly) of Monaco, is a blessing. Because there's always a man in Stephanie's life---usually a new one---she makes colorful copy when they need a personality piece to fill an editorial hole. Provocative, androgynous-looking and responsive, she represents the quintessentially wild and willful daughter who defies her father for love---a clinched conflict that appeals to readers and helps build circulation. . . ." (The Bulletin)

An international celebrity attracted to 'bad boys.
"Princess Stephanie is an international celebrity and her personal relationships have attracted a good deal of interest. Stephanie has always been attracted to tough active men, and indifferent to their social class or reputation, she often seems to have been drawn to 'bad boys'. At 13, she had an affair with Spanish singer Miguel Bose, and at 15 she became involved with Paul Belmondo, son of French film star Jean-Paul Belmondo. Another early boyfriend was Anthony Delon (son of actor Alain Delon) who was convicted of car theft and gun possession. There was a long affair with Mario Oliver Jutard in her early twenties. Jutard had previously been arraigned for rape charges and her father's disapproval was said to be one of the reasons why the couple lived in America. Later at 25 she was briefly engaged to Jean Yves Lefur who turned out to be a financial con man and served time for fraud and theft. Another early boyfriend was record producer Ron Bloom. Also, during this time, she had an affair with actor Rob Lowe. The affair ended, owing mostly to Lowe's inability to speak French. In 1992, she embarked on an affair with her bodyguard Daniel Ducruet which resulted in the birth of two children. . . ." (Bellazon)

A long list of boyfriends and a lineup of fiances.
" . . .This month, for example, Stephanie was to wed a Hollywood record-producer, Ron Bloom. A few months ago, however, she met Jean-Yves Le Fur, 25, a handsome French real-estate developed, on the ski slopes of Meribel in France. Overnight Ron found himself removed from the lineup of fiances. . . Stephanie has been building such romantic lives year after year with a long list of boyfriends: Paul Belmondo, son of French film star Jean-Paul Belmondo; Anthony Delon, son of another French screen idol, Alain Delon; Mario Jutard, a Los Angeles nightclub owner of cloudy reputation; French actor Christopher Lambert; Hollywood actors Rob Lowe and Mickey Rourke; Ron Bloom and now Le Fur. Next week? You name him" (The Bulletin)

Affairs with bodyguards, butler, cocaine dealer, circus owner, etc..
"But this is tame compared with the antics of youngest sister, Stephanie, whose marriage in 1995 to her bodyguard Daniel Ducruet lasted just a year. A string of affairs included another bodyguard and, allegedly, her father's butler. She also spent time travelling Europe with the Circus Knie during a tryst with a married circus owner and elephant trainer. But it doesn't stop there. After a suspected cocaine dealer, Eskander Laribi, was shot dead in Nice in 2000, the Chevrolet his girlfriend was driving turned out to be Stephanie's. Diplomatic immunity saved her from questioning." (New Statesman)

"Stephanie then dated Fabien Barthez and Jean Claude Van Damme, as well as a suspected cocaine dealer, Eskander Laribi, who was shot dead near Nice in 2000. Stephanie escaped being questioned about him, thanks to her diplomatic immunity. In 2003, she married Adans Lopez Peres, a Portuguese circus acrobat, and divorced him a year later. . . ." (Independent)

" . . . By the time she was in her mid-20s, she had left behind a series of colourful beaus including a race car driver Paul Belmondo, a twice-divorced disco owner, a record producer and Hollywood star Rob Lowe as well as a broken engagement with a French real estate developer. Then in 1991, she courted controversy when she began dating her former bodyguard Daniel Ducruet, whose ex-girlfriend was six months pregnant with his child." (Hello Magazine)
Adans Lopez Peres
& Stephanie of Monaco

Her lovers were:
1) Adans Lopez Peres. (1975-Present)
Lover in 2003-2004.
Portuguese acrobat & circus juggler.

Son ofSalvador de Jesus Peres & Beatriz Lopez-Calderon.

"He is a well-known performer but is probably best known as the second husband of Princess Stephanie of Monaco. He is 10 years her junior. They allegedly married secretly in Vandoeuvres on 12 September 2003. On 22 July 2004, Germany's illustrated Bild newspaper reported that Stephanie had split from Peres. That autumn they were divorced on 24 November 2004, after only 10 months of marriage, without issue." (America Pink)

2) Alain Prost(1955-Present)
French race driver.
Anthony Delon
Anthony Delon
@ Postcards390
French-American actor.
Lover in 1984.

Son ofAlain Delon, French actor, & Nathalie Barthelemy.

"During her Paris years she had scandalised her family by taking up with Anthony Delon, who satisfied both of Stephanie's apparent criteria for the perfect man: the son of an actor (Alain Delon), he ran with a dangerous crowd, having been convicted of car theft and carrying an unlicensed pistol. In October 1984, Stephanie claimed a couple had tried to kidnap her at gunpoint in the car park underneath her Paris apartment, leading to speculation that Delon's friends might have mixed her up with some or other dodgy deal." (Everything2)

"Two years later Stephanie took up with professional bad boy and leather designer Anthony Delon. . . ."

". . . Another early boyfriend was Anthony Delon (son of actor Alain Delon) who was convicted of car theft and gun possession. . . . " (Monsters & Critics)

""But then, leading the life of an international playboy, he hasn't exactly kept a low profile. Because he has cavorted with fast cars and faster women (Princess Stephanie of Monaco amongst them), Delon has been a staple fixture in the gossip-columns of Paris-Match for ears. . . ." (Independent)

"Last July Stephanie went to the Apocalypse discotheque in Paris without the young Belmondo. She left with Anthony Delon, the 19-year-old son of Alain, a young man who decidedly dod not come with Rainier's seal of approval. Wild, Bohemian, he displays fascination for the darker elements of society. Pictures of the young couple scantily dressed and 'obviously in love,' as the captions declared with sly understatement, started appearing. So did the writes. Rainier, trying to regain some of the chocolate box imagery of his monarchy, warned his daughter of the dangers of mixing with Anthony. And when that failed, he tried to stop the publication of photographs. That failed, too. Delon [was] convicted of car theft and having a pistol. The gun Delon was carrying was identified as the weapon taken at gunpoint from a policeman during a jail escape. Described by his lawyer as a 'languid Adonis,' he was sentenced to eight months, suspended, for its possession and for stealing the car. The liaison between the broad-shouldered, butch-haired princess and the languid Adonis, collapsed under its own weight." (Chicago Tribune)

4) Christian de Beauvais.
French aristocrat.

5) Christopher Lambert.
French actor.
Lover in 1986-1987.

6) Daniel Ducruet (1964-Present)
French bodyguard for Stephanie.

Son ofHenri Ducruet, French manual labourer & Maguy Barbero, French homemaker.

Husband ofSandra Naccahe, div mid-1980s.

His other lovers were:
1) Martine Malbouvier.
2) Muriel Mol-Houteman
Belgium's Miss Bare Breasts 1995.

Stephanie's Lover in 1991.

"Ducruet was Princess Stephanie's bodyguard and the first of the famous upstairs-downstairs romances. The princess scandalised the Roman Catholic principality of Monaco by bearing his children, Louise and Pauline, before they were married married in 1995. However, the marriage foundered a year later, when the former police officer was photographed cavorting with a model who had the title 'Miss Bare Breasts of Belgium'." (Scotsman)

Smart princess, dumb choice: "When Stephanie and Ducruet met in 1988, she could have been Exhibit A in a book called Smart Princesses, Dumb Choices. She went through men (race-care driver Paul Belmondo, actor Anthony Delon, record producer Ron Bloom, actor Rob Lowe and twice-divorced disco owner Mario Oliver)

"Soon after Lefur, Stephanie fell in love with the handsome, dark-haired, and heavily tattooed Daniel Ducruet, a former Palace guard hired by Rainier, at first as Albert's bodyguard, then as Stephanie's. The previously married Ducruet was from a working-class, broken home in Marseilles. When he met Stephanie, he was living in a two-bedroom apartment in Beausoleil, outside of Monaco. In May 1992, Stephanie announced that she was having Daniel Ducruet's baby---out of wedlock. There was little that Prince Rainier, who would turn sixty-nine in June of that year, could do about her decision. His daughter's relationship with Ducruet, and the resulting pregnancy, was hard on the elderly Prince. He found that distancing himself from his youngest daughter was the only way he could deal with her choices. Clearly, she didn't care about his opinions or feelings, and would continue to indulge in her excesses." (Grace of Monaco: n.p.)

Bodyguard and beau: ". . . In May 1992, Stephanie, then 27, shocked Monaco by announcing she was pregnant by her divorced former bodyguard, Daniel Ducruet. They had two children before getting married in 1995, but wedded bliss was short-lived, ending after he was photographed in an X-rated position with Miss Topless Belgium. . . . " (Macleans)

Ducruet's personal & family background: "A local fellow, born in 1964 just across the Monaco border, on the French side, in Beausoleil, Ducruet came to their relationship with a bit more baggage than Rainier appreciated. Described by one reporter as, 'Gold chains, tattoos, and a coppery tan,' Ducruet was divorced when he met Stephanie, but living with another woman with whom he'd only just had a son. But none of that mattered to Stephanie, who, typically headstrong, moved into a small apartment in Monte Carlo with him." (Grace of Monaco: 257)

Stephanie files for divorce: " . . . On Sept. 16, Princess Stephanie, 31, filed for divorce from her bodyguard turned husband, Daniel Ducruet, 31, two weeks after European magazines published pictures of him frolicking vigorously with one Fili Bouteman, a stripper whose resume includes the title Miss Bare Breasts of Belgium 1995. . . ." (People Magazine)

7) Eskander Laribi.
Tunisian cocaine dealer.

"[T]he Tunisian Eskander Laribi . . . a suspected cocaine dealer was shot dead near Nice in 2000; if not for diplomatic immunity, Stephanie was likely to have faced questioning as a potential witness. Another revision of Rainier's will quickly ensured." (Everything2)
French footballer.
Lover in 1996.

9) Franck Brasseur.
A croupier:
Swiss an elephant trainer and circus owner
Lover in 2000-2002.

"After the birth of her third child, she fell in love with Franco Knie, an animal trainer and owner of the circus that bears his family name. Family and friends were dubious, but they accepted that Stephanie had always been impulsive. Anyway, most of them had long ago decided that liking Stephanie means accepting her the way she is. She lived in Switzerland with Knie for 18 months, left him and promptly married, circus acrobat Adans Lopez Peres. She was 38, he was 28. The marriage lasted eight months." (Grace of Monaco: 282)

". . . In 2000, Stephanie announced a fresh romance; the new man in her life was Franco Knie, who co-owned the popular Circus Knie. Stephanie met Franco while on royal duty, presenting him with the Silver Clown Award for the Best Animal Trainer at the Circus Festival. The twice-married Franco,47 years old, left his wife for Stephanie. For a year, the princess lived in a trailer with Franco and her three children, following the Circus Knie from one engagement to the next. Stephanie even allowed her elder daughter Pauline, aged six, to perform with elephants in the circus ring while her eight-year-old brother Louis learned to be a juggler." (Lewis, 2011)

Franco's personal & family background: "Franco Knie, who is 6ft tall, with Italian blood from his mother's di Giovanni family, has been married twice. By his first wife, Doris, he has a son, Franco Knie Jnr., who is also an elephant tamer, and a daughter, also Doris. He has a son Anthony, 12, with his second wife. His romance with the princess is unlikely to surprise many in the 500-acre principality, ruled by the Grimaldi family since 1297." (Telegraph)

11) Jean-Claude van Damme.

Lover in 1996.

12) Jean-Raymond Gottlieb.

Her security chief.
Lover in 2002.

". . . Soon (after her divorced from Ducruet) Stephanie was pregnant again. Her security chief, Raymond Gottlieb, is widely believed to be the biological father of Camille, though no name is on the birth certificate."  (Macleans).

". . . Sixteen months after her marriage to Ducruet broke up, Stephanie was romantically linked with Jean-Raymond Gottlieb, a former Paris gendarme and ski instructor who became her head of security. . . Seven months after the liaison was first reported, Stephanie was four and a half months pregnant. On July 15, 1998 she gave birth to her third child, Camille Marie Kelly, named in honour of Stephanie's screen actress mother Grace.  When Stephanie became pregnant, it was reported Gottlieb was the father, but this has never been publicly confirmed or refuted because the princess refused to put the father's name on the birth certificate. Ducruet, however, stated that the child was not his."  (Monsters & Critics)

"Three years later, Stephanie's independent streak landed her in the headlines once again, when she announced she was expecting her third child out of wedlock. Camille Marie Kelly was brought into this world on July 15, 1998; the baby's father was a mystery, though reports named him as bodyguard Jean-Raymond Gottlieb." (Hello Magazine)

Paris Match - Cover - Stephanie with Jean-Yves Le Fur:
Jean-Yves Le Fur
& Stephanie of Monaco
13) Jean-Yves Le Fur.
French real estate agent.
Lover in 1990.

"By the beginning of 1990, however, Stephanie had ended it with Ron Bloom, moved back to Paris, and become involved with young and handsome Frenchman Jean-Yves Lefur, who, like many of the men who courted Caroline and Stephanie over the years, was described by the press as a playboy with no income other than what was provided by the generosity of wealthy friends. By April, Stephanie and Jean-Yves were officially engaged. However, amid stories that he had lied about his background and a published report that he had spent five weeks in jail for fraud, that romance followed all of the others in failure." (Once Upon a Time: n.p.)

"Pity the poor subjects of Monaco. For years the principality's 30,000 residents have found tracking the beaux of playgirl Princess Stephanie as amusing a number game as anything inside the casino. And now here she was talking about her 'growing maturity' and announcing her intentions to settle down with not a celebrity or a rock star but a run-of-the rumor-mill real estate agent, Jean-Yves Le Fur, 26. To make matters more tame, the engagement, announced last week, had the blessing of her strict, conventional father, Prince Rainier. The only topics left for Monegasques to wag their tongues about were the couple's short courtship--Stephanie, 25, met her man at a friend's country home outside Paris last September--and her gushing comment to Paris Match, 'I know my life is at his side.'" (People)

". . . Later at 25 she was briefly engaged to Jean Yves Lefur who turned out to be a financial con man and served time for fraud and theft. . . . "  (Monsters & Critics)

14) Jim Fitzpatrick.
Lover in 1988.

15) John F. Kennedy, Jr.

" . . . In his turn, John F. Kennedy, Jr., 'handsome and charming' like his father, continued the family tradition. His romantic links in between long-standing relationships included Princess Stephanie of Monaco, singers Madonna and Apollonia, the protege of rock superstar Prince; and actresses Brooke Shields, Molly Ringwald, Sarah Jessica Parker, Daryl Hannah and Catherine Oxenberg. . . " (Ruling Class Men: Money, Sex and Power: 206)

16) Mario Oliver.

French disco owner &  convicted rapist.
Lover in 1986-1988.

". . . In 1987, while on holiday in Mauritius, she was photographed topless while embracing her current boyfriend, Mario Oliver, a convicted rapist.  The two of them were soon living together in Hollywood, in a mansion in Benedict Canyon. Stephanie had marriage in mind, but as soon as he heard of it Rainier put his foot down at last.  He threatened to deprive Stephanie of her royal title if she dared to marry Mario. . . By mid 1988 Stephanie's romance with Mario was over, and all she had to remember him by were his initials tattooed on her bottom.  The initials were removed the painful way, by laser surgery."  (Lewis, 2011).

". . . There was a long affair with Mario Oliver Jutard in her early twenties.  Jutard had previously been arraigned on rape charges and her father's disapproval was said to be one of the reasons why the couple lived in America. . . . "  (Monsters & Critics).

" . . .Mario Oliver (ne' Jutard) (is) a French-born Los Angeles nightclub owner who was accused in 1982 of raping a 19-year-old college student at a Bel Air party.  Oliver eventually pleaded no contest to a reduced charge of sexual battery; he has admitted having sex with the woman, but he insists it was she who pursued him.  For her part, Stephanie recently told the Los Angeles Times, 'Mario has his defects.  He has some dark spots like everybody.  Nobody's perfect.'"  (People)

"After a brief flirtation with Rob Lowe, Stephanie turned her attentions to the nightclub owner Mario Oliver, a convicted sex offender. To Rainier's horror, they went as far as buying a house together in St. Tropez, before Oliver asked her to choose him or her music and she moved in with her producer Rob Bloom." (Everything 2)

17) Matthieu.
French barman.
Lover in 2006?.

"In February 2006, Hello! magazine reported that the 41-year-old princess was dating a 27-year-old barman called Matthieu with whom she had been on holiday to Thailand." (Clark Girls)

18) Merwan Rim (1977-Present)
French actor & musician.
Lover in 2007?.

" . . . On 12 July 2007 she was photographed attending the performance by Muse at the Louis II Stadium in Monaco with her current boyfriend, French actor and musician Merwan Rim." (Clark Girls)

19) Mickey Rourke.
Hollywood actor.

20) Miguel Bose.
A Spanish singer
"By the age of 15, Stephanie had already caused her mother, the actress-turned-princess Grace Kelly, unseemly headaches by running away from the exclusive Institut St. Dominique in Paris for a weekend with the Spanish singer Miguel Bose." (everything2)

"At 15, she had an affair with Spanish singer Miguel Bose . . . . "  (Monsters & Critics)

" . . . Even before the death of her mother, Princess Grace, Stephanie was a wild child. She ran away from her exclusive boarding school aged just 15 for a weekend with singer Miguel Bose, than threw a massive tantrum and refused to attend Caroline's pre-wedding gala unless she was allowed to wear jeans." (Independent)
Princess Stephanie and Paul Belmondo:
Paul Belmondo
& Stephanie of Monaco

21) Paul Belmondo (1963-Present)
Lover in 1981-1984.
French race-care driver & movie star.

". . . At 16 she became involved with Paul Belmondo, son of film star Jean-Paul Belmondo. . . . "  (Monsters & Critics)

"BY the time both [Paul Belmondo & Anthony Delon] were eighteen, Paul's proper wooing of Princess Stephanie of Monaco had gained him entry to the Grimaldi palace as well as Vogue's society pages, while his first car racing victories got treated with respect by France's sports daily L'Equipe's seasoned hacks." (Moutet Blog)

"Of more concern to Grace was Stephanie's relationship with the actor Jean-Paul Belmondo's son Paul, which led her to skip the annual family cruise to Norway in favour of a trip to Antigua with her boyfriend. Mother and daughter engaged in several heated arguments after Stephanie announced she wanted to enrol with him as a trainee racing driver, until Grace decided to take her in person to Paris' Institute of Fashion Design." (Everything2)

Stephanie's first, and longest, love: " . . . Her first love, apparently, and the longest, was Paul Belmondo, the earnest teetotaling son of actor Jean-Paul; it began when she was 17. . . ." (People Magazine)

"I'd just asked Paul about Princess Stephanie -- whose tempestuous, short-lived affair with Anthony, around 1983, just after they had ended their two and half-year relationship, had ensured that the 'rivalry' between the two boys with the famous names would provide tabloid fodder for years to come. . . 'They got it wrong,' Paul says. 'By the time Stephanie met Anthony, we'd split up almost a year. Well, drifted apart, really. People change a lot. I met her when I was 18 and she was 16. You don't marry the girl you met at 18.' Some do, I suggest. He grins disarmingly: 'Okay, sometimes they do. But rarely.'" (Moutet Blog)

22) Pierre Pinelli.
Corsican bartender
Lover in 1999.

". . . Her father ordered her to leave Monaco, and she went to Auron. While there she fell for a Corsican barman, Pierre Pinelli, and was even on occasion seen waiting on tables at his restaurant.  But the romance was short-lived and over in 6 months." (Monsters & Critics)

"With Monaco and the world's press agog over the paternity of her third child, Stephanie decamped to the French ski resort of Auron, to let the dust settle. Although this took her out of the realm of most of her father's employees, she stated true to her proletarian preferences by starting a romance with Pinelli, a Corsican bartender. First report in 1999, the affair foundered after six months - but not before it was reported that the Princess was spotted waiting tables at Pinelli's eatery." (Scotsman)

23) Philippe Junot.

24) Pierre Pinelli.
File:ANCONINA Richard-24x30-NC.jpg
Richard Anconina
@ Wikipedia
Film actor

26) Richard Lucas.
Her father's Monegasque butler

"Following a reconciliation with her father, Stephanie repaid his kindness by becoming romantically linked to Lucas, Rainier's butler. The liaison was first reported in July last year when the couple were photographed strolling in Monaco. . . In February, it was reported that Lucas, 45, a married father of two, had ended the relationship but it did not seem to affect his standing at the Palace Grimaldi.  He was promoted to major-domo -  in charge of the internal running of the palace. . . . " (Scotsman)

27) Rob Lowe.
American actor.
Lover in 1986.

A fantasy come true.
"They had met---how could it be otherwise?---via the media. Last year Lowe blurted to Joan Rivers on the Tonight Show that the Princess was his fantasy date. In response Stephanie told the French magazine Globe she thought Rob was cute too. Finally a press representative with Warner-Columbia in Paris . . . set up a meeting in the flesh and the rest is history, sort of. Lowe was scarcely back in Malibu in early October when Stephanie in Paris was reported to be lovingly hanging on the arm of a tall man described only as a 'volleyball type,' the championship games being then in the city." (People Magazine)

" . . . Following a few more brief romantic encounters, the princess last September dated king brat-packer Rob Lowe. And although the media trumpeted the event by saying that love between Monaco and Hollywood was even better 'the second time around,' it lasted a mere month, after which Lowe returned to his longtime friend Melissa Gilbert, and Stephanie met Mario Oliver." (LA Times)

". . . Also during this time, she had an affair with actor Rob Lowe.  The affair ended, owing mostly to Lowe's inability to speak French."  (Monsters & Critics)

Macabre highlights in Rob's life: "Macabre highlights of this chapter in his life, which included an affair with Princess Stephanie of Monaco, include: the mysterious murder of the man who introduced them and the princess's ill-timed visit to the Lowe home. She arrived while Mr. Lowe's mother was having a breakdown that made her think the Kleenex had been shaped by Mr. Lowe's stepfather into voodoo dolls to intimidate her. . . ." (New York Times)

"Lowe was introduced to Princess Stephanie by his security guard, Glenn Souham, who once rescued the actor when a bomb went off in Paris. Souham, who bonded with the actor, teaching him martial arts and coaching him during his fling with Stephanie, was a mysterious figure who assisted the Reagan administration with smuggling arms to the Contras in Nicaragua. After dropping off Lowe at the airport in Paris on September 24, 1985, Souham was shot multiple times in the chest by three masked gunman -- his murder was never solved." (Huffington Post)

28) Ron Bloom.

American music record producer.
"As Stephanie slipped through her mid-20s, she seemed more settled and more together than at any time in the previous 10 years, thanks in large part to an American record producer she'd fallen in love with, named Ron Bloom. 'My father likes him,' she said at the time. 'He's in his mid-30s, writes music and lyrics, plays 20 instruments, and produces my records. He and I have a lot in common. We have a great relationship. He's a very intelligent man, with strong family values and roots. He's someone who's been raised with family values and that's important to both of us. . . ." (Grace of Monaco: 254)

"By the summer of 1988, Mario Oliver was out of the picture (and Stephanie had to undergo painful laser surgery to remove a tattoo of his initials from her buttocks). She then became involved with Ron Bloom. a producer hired by Sony to produce her first American album; they brought a home together in the suburban San Fernando Valley of Los Angles and settled there in quiet domesticity. Rainier approved of Bloom, feeling that the producer mught have a settling influence on the young Princess. One day, Rainier showed up unexpectedly at Stephanie's doorstep; the two had a tearful reunion. After inspecting his daughter's modest $200,000 house, Rainier made a list of things he felt she might need, and then sent an assstant to a nearby mall to purchase the items (which included a microwave oven. By the beginning of 1990, however, Stephanie had ended it with Ron Bloom. . . ." (Once Upon a Time: Behind the Fairy Tale of Princess Grace and Prince Rainier)

" . . . Another early boyfriend was record producer Ron Bloom. . . . "  (Monsters & Critics)

29) Stephane Labelle.
French male model.
" . . . Male model Stephane Labelle was next seen carrying a big, optimistic supply of shirts into Stephanie's apartment. He lasted less than a week." (People Magazine)

30) "A twice-divorced disco owner".

31) "A record producer".

32) Palace head gardener.

Princesse Stephanie de Monaco Gallery.

Paris Match - Cover - Stephanie with Ron Bloom:
Stephanie with Ron Bloom
@ Pinterest
Clara Ward
Princesse de Caraman-Chimay

American socialite.

Daughter ofEber Brock-Ward (Capt.) & Catherine Lyon, niece of Senator Benjamin Wade.

"Clara Ward was the daughter of an American shipping and lumber tycoon who died when she was 18 months old, leaving the family a $6 million fortune, or around $130 million today.  As she grew up, between her wealth and her voluptuous figure, she was the perfect glamour girl for Victorian times." (New York Post)
Wife of:
1. Joseph de Riquet19th Prince de Caraman-Chimay (1858-1937), mar 1890, div 1897

"When Clara met Prince Joseph de Caraman-Chimay, son of a Belgian foreign affairs minister, he was about $100,000 in debt and owned a crumbling chateau in desperate need of repair.  He was not, it appears, a handsome man.  He was 15 years older than Clara, and his personality barely merited a mention in event the most gossipy newspaper reports about the couple.  But he had a title, and that's what mattered.  He proposed, and the two were marreid in Paris on May 20, 1890.  Clara, wearing a $10,000 dress, was only 17 years old; she had just become Princesse de Caraman-Chimay, one of only a handful of American women to gain a royal title. . . ." (Princesses Behaving Badly: Real Stories from History Without the Fairy-Tale Endings: n.p.)
My Gypsy Lover…Clara Ward, Princesse de Caraman-Chimay & Rigó Jancsi, Romantic Charming Rare Portrait Original 1900s Jugendstil German RPPC:
Princesse de Caraman-Chimay
& Rigo Jancsi

2. Rigo Janczy, mar 1897
3. Peppino Ricciardo, mar 1904, div 1910
4. Signore Cassaiota

Her lovers were:
Rico Janczi & Clara Ward

1) Rigo Janczy (1858-1927)
Hungarian Gypsy violinist.
Lover in 1896.

"All this raucous living put her on a collision course with a scandal involving the affections of a Hungarian gypsy fiddler named Rigo Janczy on that November night in 1896.  A diminutive man with a massive handlebar mustache and much=pomaded hair, Rigo was not classically handsome.  The Chicago Tribune sneered that he was a 'monkey-faced brute,' and a Scottish newspaper wrote that 'he is said to be pock-pitted, of small stature, and everyone wondered what she saw in him.'  He was also already married. None of that mattered to Clara. The first night she saw Rigo, she turned from her husband to smile at him and never looked back.  ten days later, according to Rigo, the pair ran off together 'like gypsies' in the dead of night.  The press went crazy---papers across Europe, Britain, and America carried news of the princess's flight." (Princesses Behaving Badly: n.p.)

"Ward married a Belgian prince named Joseph de Caraman-Chimay, and while she soon became a media darling, her popularity worked against her, as the obvious public affection of King Leopold II 'made her a social pariah,' since he ignored other women in her presence, including his queen. Escaping to party in Paris, she and her husband went to a fashionable nightclub one evening where she met a Hungarian gypsy fiddler named Rigo Janczy, a small man with a handlebar mustache whom the press later described as 'pock-pitted' and 'a monkey-faced brute.' Nevertheless, 'the first night she saw Rigo, she turned from her husband to smile at him and never looked back,' and the new couple ran away together 10 days later, eventually having each other’s faces tattooed on their biceps. They partied across Europe and the U.S., with newspapers covering their every move. When her husband was granted a divorce, Ward’s own lawyer described her as a 'fiery untamed steed' with a 'wild, savage, eccentric nature.'” (New York Post)

"Clara and Jancsi met in 1896, while Rigo Jancsi played violin at a Paris restaurant, where Clara dined out with her husband, Prince Joseph. Between 1896 and 1898, newspapers wrote extensively about the marriage of the primás (first violinist) Jancsi Rigó to the Belgian countess. The cake is a celebration cake wearing Rigó Jancsi's name and in honor of the romantic love story." (Wikipedia)

" . . . Around 1900 gypsies began to appear everywhere in France.  One of them, called Rigo, with smouldering eyes and enormous whiskers, carried off Clara Ward, a splendid American woman who had just married the Prince de Chimay.  The ex-princess appeared in a figure-hugging costume beside her lover on the state of the Follies Bergere.  There was a terrible scandal." (La Belle Epoque: An Essay: 112)

"The violinist was Rigó Jancsi (born Johann Rigó in Székesfehérvár) who had traveled in England, France and Germany before he met the love of his life. He found Princess Klara, née Ward, daughter of a Detroit millionaire in the Paris restaurant during the 1896 Christmas season. They traveled through Europe, including a stay in Rijeka before coming to Székesfehérvár to visit his parents who were dirt poor. All of Hungary was scandalized by the love affair and the Caraman Schimay family did everything they could to undermine the relationship. But Princess Klara divorced Prince Josef and Rigó divorced his wife. They became Hungary’s beautiful couple in 1905, sometimes requiring police protection from the crowds who surrounded them. They often stayed at Nemzeti Szálló, a hotel still standing in Blaha Lujza tér. Rigó and Klara settled in a castle in Egypt where she taught him to read and write. But, she turned out to be fickle. When they went back to Paris on a visit, she fell in love with a Spaniard and lost her passion for Jancsi. In the end, she married an Italian, Ricciardi, who was a mere stationmaster of the Vesuvian Railway. The only remnant of this romance is Sütemény Rigójancsi. Today, more than 170 cukrászdas in Hungary sell about 32,000 pieces of Sütemény Rigójancsi every year." (Balettka)

An adventuress ready to bolt: "Rigo Jancsi, the Hungarian cake named for a Gypsy violinist, is literally the stuff of legend. Dazzling stories surround it, but few details of its creation are known. What is certain, however, is that this luscious torta (cake) was the result of an affair that began in 1896 Paris. Rigo and an American millionairess from Detroit, Clara Ward---by marriage (Belgian) Princess Caraman-Chimay---met in Cafe Paillard, one of the grand restaurants of the boulevards. Some say on that occasion, with music the food of love, the Gypsy virtuoso played his violin to irresistible effect. Others characterize the princess as an adventuress ready to bolt. Whether one or the other is the case, or both, the two ran off together, divorced their respective spouses, and, in time, married. To the European aristocracy into which Clara's husband, the Prince Caraman-Chimay, was born, the scandal was profoundly shocking. To the populace, especially that of Hungary, where Johnny Rigo was the hometown boy, he and his princess were almost folk heroes. Eventually, someone---no one knows who or exactly when---created a voluptuous cake (layers of chocolate sponge filled with chocolate cream, and glazed with chocolate) inspired by the flamboyant pair. In one version of the story, it was a pastry chief; in another, it was the Gypsy who asked for a cake that would be 'dark and ruggedly handsome like Rigo Jancsi himself, sweet as their love, and delicate as his wife.'" (The Oxford Companion to Suger and Sweets: 577)

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