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Diana, Prince of Wales--

Princess Diana:
Princess of Wales

Also known as:
born Diana Spencer

Wife of: Charles, Prince of Wales, mar 1981, div 1996.

Diana's  lovers were:

1) Adam Russell.
Dated 1979.

"Adam Russell, another member of that house party, also became a boyfriend of Diana's. He observed that Diana seemed to be a happy person on the surface, but concluded that she had been traumatized by her parents' divorce. Although she had a good sense of humour and was always ready for a laugh, she had a deep-seated sadness. Their relationship developed sufficiently that, when he left England in 1969 after coming down from Oxford University with a degree in languages, he did so with the view of returning to a more committed relationship with Diana." (The Real Diana)

2) Barry Mannakee (1947-1987)

Lover in 1985-1986 (rumour)
Diana's bodyguard.

"Diana’s relationship with Prince Charles broke down in 1984, not long after the birth of Prince Harry, and by 1986 the 25-year-old Princess was involved with Barry Mannakee, a 37-year-old police officer with the Royal Protection Squad who had been assigned as her bodyguard the previous year and whose life was destined to end in tragedy. Jonathan Dimbleby’s authorised biography of Prince Charles named Mannakee as one of Diana’s key confidants but in September 1986 he was transferred to other duties after Colin Trimming, the Prince of Wales’s personal protection officer, walked in on Mannakee comforting Diana. He reported his suspicions to the Prince and Mannakee was moved to the Diplomatic Protection Group in central London. Eight months later Mannakee was killed when a motorcycle on which he was riding ­pillion was hit by a 17-year-old learner driver in Woodford, Essex. The Princess was devastated and for a long time believed he was the victim of an MI5 plot." (Express)

"The earliest of Diana’s illicit loves was her bodyguard and confidant. The married Mannakee worked at Kensington Palace for about a year, until he was spied “comforting” a depressed Diana and removed of his duties in 1986. Conspiracy theories abounded about Mannakee’s death in a motorcycle accident in 1987." (Biography)

"At first sight, it certainly seems odd that pride of place is given to Barry Mannakee.  The rugged sergeant was Diana's police bodyguard and the suggestion they had an affair has never been proved.  He has also been dead for 20 years, killed in a road accident which some conspiracy enthusiasts still insist was "official" murder.  In fact, he was the hapless pillion passenger on a friend's motorcycle that collided with a car driven by a girl of 17.  But Michael Mansfield's list was anything but haphazard. Mannakee, who was married, came first because the list was chronological.  He was Diana's first reported such relationship.  He was seconded to protect Diana in 1985 and moved to other duties a year later amid reports that he had become "too close" to the Princess. Nine months later, aged 39, he was killed.  So what of this relationship? When Sgt Mannakee arrived at Kensington Palace, Diana had two young sons. Harry was only a few months old, but the four-year-old royal marriage was already in difficulties.  Diana is known to have "thought the world" of Mannakee and confided in him over her anxieties that Prince Charles had never ceased being in love with Mrs Camilla Parker Bowles.  As with all her subsequent protection officers, Diana spent more time with him than she did with her husband.  And at this critical time in the marriage, where Charles was indifferent to his wife's unhappiness, Mannakee was a good listener, attentive and considerate.  He was summarily moved after Prince Charles is said to have walked in at an unexpected moment and found the police officer consoling the Princess with an arm around her.  But was he her lover? Mannakee's former colleagues in the royal protection squad insist to this day that he was not."  (Daily Mail)

3) Bryan Adams.
Canadian singer.
Lover in 1996

"The Canadian rocker called her 'the queen of all my dreams' in his 1985 single 'Diana.' But he didn’t even meet Di for another decade, after her split with Charles. An ex-girlfriend confirmed to the Daily Mail that the 'All For Love' singer and Diana had a fling." (Biography)

4) Charlie Carter.

" . . . She was at a party to celebrate Sarah Ferguson's impending nuptials to Prince Andrew. Once more the venue was the Guards Polo Club, which Sarah's father, Ronald Ferguson, then headed. Diana spent half the evening wrapped around Charlie Carter, a well-known financier and man-about-town. Sophisticated and attractive, like Diana he was definitely married. A friend of mine, a famous social columnist, also attended the party. Shortly after midnight, he went outside for a cigarette. 'I heard sounds coming from the bushes. I nearly choked with astonishment when I looked over and saw Charlie Carter with the Princess of Wales. I moved away, finished my cigarette quietly, and went back inside. They didn't return for ages.'" (The Real Diana)

5) Christopher Whalley (1955-Present)
Lover in 1995-1997 (rumour).
British property developer.

"In December 1995, she was reportedly dating property developer Christopher Whalley. The 42-year-old tycoon later told how Princess Diana chatted him up at her favourite Chelsea Harbour gym club. She stopped him on the stairs and asked: 'What does a girl have to do to get a coffee around here?; He was said to have been 'stunned' by her approach. A pal said: 'He thought she had mistaken him for someone else.' But Whalley went on to share secret meetings with the Princess for breakfasts and lunches for 14 months. Diana is also believed to have spent weekends at his secluded country farmhouse in Yorkshire. Whalley, who works out twice a day at the exclusive Harbour Club and is one of London's most eligible bachelors, was described as 'the ultimate charmer'. A friend said at the time: 'He is renowned for being able to get a woman's telephone number in a shorter period than anyone else on earth. Women love him. He is intelligent, articulate and a wonderful shoulder to cry on. When he is in love, he is intensely loyal. He is a real find.' Whalley is credited with having helped her cope with the shame of the Oliver Hoare episode. Di went to extraordinary lengths to keep their friendship quiet, even hiding Whalley in the boot of her car to sneak him into Kensington Palace. Although their relationship has cooled, they still see each other and were recently photographed leaving a restaurant together with Prince William after a lunch date." (Mirror)

"Princess Diana has been dating a wealthy real estate tycoon for the past 14 months, two newspapers reported Friday. Two London tabloids, The Sun and the Daily Mirror, identified the man as 40-year-old Christopher Whalley, who lives in south London and has a house in the Yorkshire countryside in northern England.The papers quoted unnamed friends as saying they met at a London fitness club where they both work out. The Sun said Diana, the estranged wife of Prince Charles, exchanged phone numbers with Whalley. It said Diana then bombarded him with calls and that they lunched together at a London restaurant." (Deseret News)

6) Daniel Wiggin.
Lover in 1978 (rumour)

7) David Waterhouse.
Lover in 1986?or Dated 1987-1992.
British cavalry officer.

"David Waterhouse, a major in the Life Guards and a Gulf War veteran, met the Princess in 1986. He was introduced to her after the Duchess of York's wedding and they became close companions. But unlike Hewitt, the 38-year-old bachelor tried to keep their liaison secret and described speculation that they were more than good friends as 'nonsense'. (Mirror)

"The second man who figured in Diana's life at this time was a distant cousin. David Waterhouse is another of the tall, good-looking, dark-haired, muscular Army-officer types to whom Diana gravitated.  He is also a grandson of the previous Duke of Marlborough, the true head of the Spencer family, his mother, Lady Caroline Spencer-Churchill, having been a daughter. . . 'He's never affirmed or (sic) denied whether he and Diana did have an affair.  He won't speak about her at all. Gentlemen don't."  (The Real Diana: n.d.)

"...Diana was for more discreet with her next lover, David Waterhouse.  A distant cousin of hers, Waterhouse was tall, dark, and handsome, and a grandson of the duke of Marlborough.  He never spoke about the relationship, and little is known about it."  (Herman, 2007, p. 281)

8) Dodi Fayed (1955-Present)
Egyptian film producer.
Lover in 1997.

""The Princess first met Dodi at a polo match in Windsor 10 years ago. It was only this summer while she spent 10 days on his father Mohamed Al Fayed's yacht off St Tropez, France, that love finally blossomed. It was a true romance Diana felt able to admit to the world. The couple appeared not to care who noticed. Unlike previous romances, there were no serious attempts to deny the affair. But yesterday it all ended in hideous tragedy as the couple died in a Paris car crash. The tragedy that was Diana's life was over." (Mirror)

"Diana didn’t wait long to rebound after the breakup with Khan. A month later, she was dating Dodi Fayed. But the relationship didn’t last long. Not two months later, after a vacation together on a yacht in the French Riviera, the two were involved in a car crash in Paris that took their lives. Fayed’s father, the billionaire Mohamed Al-Fayed, long asserted that the crash was a conspiracy executed by British intelligence organization MI6." (Biography)

9) Hon. George Plumptre.
Dated 1979-1980.

Son ofLord Fitzwalter.

"While Diana was seeing the Prince of Wales, she also saw a long-standing boyfriend, the Honourable George Plumptre. The third son of Lord Fitzwalter, George Plumptre was eight years older than Diana and very much a man of the world. Although not as good-looking as many of her other boyfriends had been, he still cut a fine-enough figure. Moreover, he had a good sense of humor, the absolute discretion of a true gentleman, and the elen which the teenaged Diana found so captivating in older men. As with Rory Scott, she often went away for weekends with George Plumptre." (The Real Diana: n.p.)

10) Gulu Lalvani.
Lover in 1997.

"As the rows escalated, Diana started being seen in public with other men. Christopher Whalley took her to lunch and Gulu Lalvani, the Binatone Electronics tycoon, took her to Annabel's, the fashionable members-only nightclub in Berkeley Square named after Jemina Goldsmith's mother, Lady Annabel (another good friend of Diana's). 'No one wants me,' she complained to her former advisor. 'I come with too much baggage. Why can't I find a nice guy who loves me and wants me to love him?' While Diana's relationship with the handsome Whalley excited jealousy in Khan, her friendship with Gulu Lalvani did not. They were just friends, as he has often said publicly, and his first wife, Vimla, an old friend, has confirmed it to me." (The Real Diana: n.p.)

Lover in 1983 (rumour).
British aristocrat, film director & producer.

"The book also claims that before her affair with James Hewitt, Diana enjoyed a relationship with Henry Herbert, the 17th Earl of Pembroke. According to the authoress, Diana became involved for a short while with the earl, who died last year aged 64, sometime between the birth of her two children, because Charles was neither emotional or affectionate enough. The earl is described as a tall, dashingly handsome movie producer - 'in the Clint Eastwood mould'. His relationship with Diana 'was a closely guarded secret within the upper echelons of aristocratic circles'. Asked about the claims of a relationship, the earl's family said it 'had absolutely no comment to make on this matter'. Mrs Sanders also supports the story of Diana's relationship with the Earl of Pembroke. 'I knew that circle of people and was aware of the relationship but I don't know how far it went,' she said." (Daily Mail)
12) Hasnat Khan (1959-Present)
Lover in 1995-1997.
British-Pakistani heart surgeon.

Also known as:
Hasnat Ahmed Khan

"Hasnat and the Princess met in 1995 at The Royal Brompton Hospital when she went to visit the husband of her acupuncturist who had just suffered a massive hemmorhage (sic) during heart surgery.  Dr. Khan, a senior resident, assisted with the surgery and Diana was instantly smitten with this warm, expressive eyes. . . She spent the next 18 days using her visits to he hospital as an excuse to run into Hasnat.  After accepting an invitation to go for a meal at his uncle's home, the relationship turned into a love-affair.  'After this our friendship turned into a relationship.  We had a normal sexual relationship,' he said. . . . " (Scandalous Woman)

"Hasnat Khan, 48, has also just embarked on a new life. Like Carling, the consultant cardiologist has never sought to cash in on his relationship with Diana which began after their meeting at the Royal Brompton Hospital in 1995 and is said to have lasted two years. Khan’s name was not mentioned in court this week but last year he told detectives that he and Diana had once discussed marriage and the possibility of making a new life in Pakistan together. Diana even toyed with the idea of converting to Hasnat’s Muslim faith but his mother Nahid said her fame had brought “terror” into her son’s life and the relationship ended. In 2006 he married Hadia Sher Ali, 29 – a descendant of Afghan royalty – and last month he res­igned as a consultant at Barts and The Royal London Hospital to take up a hospital post in Lahore. “As all my friends know, I have moved on from what happened 10 years ago and have nothing to say about the Princess, who was a dear friend, or her tragic death,” he said recently." (Express)

'The Pakistani heart surgeon Diana nicknamed 'Mr. Wonderful' is considered to have been the love of the Princess’s life. Their two-year relationship was kept a deep secret, with Khan fearful of the media attention he would inevitably receive as Di’s lover. They even quietly visited Khan’s family in Lahore. But the pressure proved to be too much: Khan allegedly ended the relationship at a late-night meeting in Hyde Park. Diana was rumored to be pregnant with Khan’s child at the time of her death." (Biography)

"Which brings us to the lover Mr Mansfield did not mention, Hasnat Khan. Diana's love for the burly, softly-spoken consultant cardiologist born in Pakistan transcended all her other relationships.  Khan was perhaps the one whom, above all, the QC should have mentioned, for he was the only one Diana really wanted to marry.  She met him at the Royal Brompton Hospital where he worked and she used to visit patients.  Later, she called on his family in Pakistan and also entertained some of them to tea in Kensington Palace; she dreamed of being his wife and studied the Koran.  It was he who had to end the relationship because this intelligent and sensitive man felt it would be impossible for him to follow his dream of being a heart surgeon and be married to the most famous woman in the world.  Now 48, he no longer lives in the small flat in South Kensington where Diana used to cook for him.  He is back in Pakistan in his home town of Lahore, having entered into an arranged marriage with the daughter of old friends of his parents.  He remains a dedicated heart surgeon." (Daily Mail)

"Di was said to be secretly devastated when dishy surgeon Dr Hasnat Khan ended their affair. The handsome 38-year-old heart surgeon broke off their relationship just four months ago. The Princess had pinned her hopes on marrying the handsome Pakistani, but he decided he could not take the 'intense pressure' of being Di's new man. A close pal of the surgeon told The Mirror: 'He just found it too intense being under so much scrutiny all the time. 'There were also problems over his religious background. Although Diana has become fascinated by the Muslim faith, his family would expect him to undertake an arranged marriage and that would obviously be impossible in this case. In the end he found it all too difficult and decided the best thing to do would be to break off the relationship.' Diana first met Dr Khan at the Brompton Hospital in West London through her friendship with transplant pioneer Sir Magdi Yacoub. After watching him perform heart ops, she invited him to her home at Kensington Palace. They began sharing candlelit dinners and the pair spent spent intimate, relaxed weekends together in the Stratford-upon-Avon home of Hasnat's uncle Omar, whose wife Jane is an English lawyer. By November last year, it was reported that Diana was keen to marry the doctor and was hoping for a little sister for William and Harry. Although the pair publicly denied they were having an affair, in private the relationship blossomed. They would sometimes meet at safe houses in London, provided by close friends, or at pubs near Harefield Hospital where Khan works. The turning point came in May this year when Diana slipped away from her bodyguards in Lahore, Pakistan, to visit Khan's parents. The doctor was clearly embarrassed by the behaviour when The Mirror rang him. After months of silence, he went on to give us an extraordinary interview in which he described Di's actions as 'bizarre'. 'Why would she go to meet my family? It doesn't make any sense,' he said. 'I realise people are going to say there must be more to our relationship if she has gone to meet my family. But I just can't explain it - it's bizarre to say the least. 'It's so embarrassing when I read things like I've said I love her or that she says she wants to have my babies.' His choice of words was deeply hurtful for the Princess and spelt the end of their relationship." (Mirror)

13) James Boughey.

Dated 1979.
" . . . Edmund, Lord Fermoy, Diana's uncle, asserted to journalist James Whitaker that she was a virgin, tempting Private Eye to dig for dirt. They unearthed the name James Boughey and the insinuation that he was not known in his regiment for pursuing platonic relationships, but nothing more damaging. . . ." (Diana: the Story of a Princess: 66)

"Yet another boyfriend was James Boughey, a Coldstream Guardsman. 'I love a man in uniform,' Diana used to say, and this was true of the well-built lieutenant. Nothing came of this relationship, though she did remain on good terms with yet another of her handsome and brawny romantic interests." (The Real Diana)

14) Dr. James Colthurst (1957-Present)
British homeopath doctor.
Close friend in 1978.

"Dr Colthurst, who was educated at Eton, met the Princess on a skiing holiday when she was 17, and the pair struck up a friendship. They remained friends after she married the Prince of Wales and it was he who passed secret tapes from the Princess to author Andrew Moreton. They formed the basis of his explosive book Diana: Her True Story." (Express)

"Shortly afterwards, Diana met James Colthurst, a younger son of the baronet who owns Ireland's Blarney Castle, with its famous Blarney stone. Tall, dark, hirsute and handsome, the strapping medical student was staying with Simon Berry, the son of an established London wine merchant, when Diana joined their house party. . . The future Dr. colthurst, who was very much the physical type Diana went for time and again---'I like them hunky and chunky,' she confessed to me---made a lasting impression on Diana. They continued to see one another after the holiday came to an end, and, even after banking the romantic embers, remained friends until he was ill-advised enough to become Diana's 'go-between' with Andrew Morton. 'I won't have my friends making money out of me,' was one of Diana's guiding precepts, and as soon as she discovered that he had been rewarded by the publisher, Michael O'Mara, for his efforts, she dumped him." (The Real Diana)

15) James Gilbey.
Lover in 1992.
"Diana’s next conquest was much more loyal. James Gilbey has always refused to talk publicly about his relationship and is said to be mortified that the  so-called “Squidgygate” tapes might be played at the inquest. The tapes were surreptitiously recorded on New Year’s Eve 1989 after the Princess called his mobile phone while she was staying at Sandringham. Gilbey, now 50, was then working as an upmarket car salesman and had known her since before her marriage when she lived with three other girls in a flat in Earls Court. They met again in 1989 and Diana wasted no time in focusing her attentions on the Old Etonian. The relationship lasted for a year. Today Gilbey is unmarried, despite several long engagements (including to Lady Alethea Savile, who died of a drugs overdose in 1994). Last month he started work as a search agent for a new property location company, scouring central London for clients. His business partner Ralph Ward-Jackson says: '“ames is a great asset and has got lots of experience.'" (Express)

"In the summer of 1989 Diana reconnected with a man she had flirted with as a teenager, car dealer James Gilbey, tall, handsome, and muscular. Diana visited him in his apartment building while members of the press waited in the street counting the hours until she reappeared. With time she became reckless... Unwisely, Diana had phone sex with Gilbey on a cell phone call in December of that year in which he called her Squidgey, and Diana, who had stopped sleeping with her husband, admitted her fear of getting pregnant." (Herman: 281)

"An alleged paramour during Diana’s marriage and the center of the 'Squidgygate' scandal, Gilbey, then a car salesman, was caught on tape having intimate phone conversations with the Princess. Gilbey called her “darling,” and, most notably, “Squidgy”—enough ammunition to ignite the British press when the tapped calls were leaked a couple years later. The fallout was devastating to the Princess and is believed to have ended the relationship." (Biography)

"James Gilbey, the charming sports PR executive and a great-nephew of the noted Roman Catholic theologian Monsignor Alfred Gilbey, has never admitted or denied anything about himself and the Princess. His place in royal history, however, is assured because he was the person on the other end of the line when an eavesdropper recorded Diana's notorious 'Squidgygate' telephone conversation in 1989. It was New Year's Eve and she was on the line from Sandringham, he on his mobile. He called her 'Squidgy' and she memorably complained to him about how she had clothed Hewitt "top to toe". Gilbey was working for Lotus cars at the time. He'd known her for years until, as the royal marriage disintegrated, he found himself evolving into a light-hearted beau whose amusing conversation could bring Diana out of her glooms (sic). The fact that he overlapped with Hewitt in Diana's life could mean that her affair with the Life Guards officer was considerably shorter than Hewitt would like people to think. Gilbey, however, has resolutely refused to profit from the relationship, though he has not remained entirely silent about her. It was New Year's Eve and she was on the line from Sandringham, he on his mobile." (Daily Mail)

16) James Hewitt. (1958-Present)
British cavalry officer.
Lover in 1990-1994

"As for Diana, she was said to have made an annual pilgrimage to the crematorium where Mannakee’s ashes were scattered, although within months of his transfer she started  a four-year relationship with James Hewitt, a 28-year-old cavalry officer who was a riding instructor to Princes William and Harry. Diana was devastated when in 1994 – four years after their relationship ended – he cashed in on it by co-operating in the publication of Princess In Love, a saccharine account written by Anna Pasternak. That decision doomed him. Later that year he lost £30,000 when a golf range he opened in London failed." (Express)

"The same claim can hardly be made about the next man named by Mansfield, James Hewitt.  As Diana dramatically revealed during her Panorama television interview in 1995: 'I adored him.'  When the copper-haired cavalry officer rode into her life in 1986, the royal marriage virtually existed in name only, although the royal couple were still putting on a front for official engagements.  The handsome Hewitt was hired to school William and Harry in riding, and to help Diana overcome her own fears on horseback.  The love she came to feel for him extended to sending him endearing letters as he commanded a tank squadron at the front in the Gulf War of 1991.  In the years they were lovers - Hewitt claims it continued until the end of 1991 - Diana saw the languid,easy-smiling officer as the man who might carry her off, away from the misery of her marriage and out of the boredom of royal life.  As few can be unaware, he repaid her loyalty by turning their love affair into a lucrative business, disclosing the most personal details of their relationship to the highest bidders, publicly wringing every last intimacy out of their affair if the price is right.  To be fair to others on the list - and, indeed, those not on it - Hewitt, now 49 and worried that he is losing his looks, is the only man figuring in Diana's life who has talked about being her lover." (Daily Mail)

". . . (S)he was also conducting an affair with another man.  And this was a torrid one.  She first met James Hewitt in July 1986.  Another of those tall, well-built, athletic, muscular, good-looking, Army officers to whim she was attracted, he was, like most of her other love interests, a captain in one of the prestigious Household regiments.  They met at a party in Mayfair.  He was a well-known equestrian, and once Diana decided she liked him, she proposed that he giver her riding lessons.  This, despite the fact that Diana was vociferous in declaiming to one and all that she had a morbid horror of horses." (Campbell, 2013. n.d.)

"Diana herself admitted to committing adultery with the red-headed Hewitt, who was at times rumored to be the biological father of Prince Harry (though Hewitt denied it). The affair lasted five years, after which, the military Major thought about killing himself. Instead, he pursued a number of businesses, partied it up, and attempted to sell Diana’s letters to him for 10 million pounds." (Biography)[Ref2]

17) Juan Carlos of Spain.

"The following month, Charles, Diana and their boys headed for the Marivent Palace in Majorca, where King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia played host with their three children. Born a princess of Greece and the sister of King Constantine, Sofia is a close friend of Charles as well as his cousin. The Prince is also on cordial terms with Juan Carlos, but not as close as he is to Sofia. What started out as two families linking up together for a holiday quickly turned into something else. 'The King is well known to have an eye for the ladies,' a European princess, and a cousin of the King, says. 'The Queen has spent her whole married life ignoring his interests, shall we say?' At some point, while the families were cruising on Juan Carlos's modern yacht, the Fortuna, swimming by some of the stunning Mediterranean beaches and coves around the Balearic Island, enjoying water sports, picnics and forays to places of interest, the unthinkable happened. Diana and Juan Carlos connected. 'Obviously, the relationship that they now embarked upon could never go anywhere. There was no possibility of it developing into marriage, or indeed into a serious arrangement,' the princess says. 'From his [the King's] point of view, it was nothing but a fling and, I believe, from hers, a convenience as well as a fling. I'm pretty sire she was using him to make Prince Charles jealous, but it didn't work. He couldn't have cared less. In fact, he upped sticks and left them to get on with it, and went to Puerto Andratz, where he stayed with Jose Luis de Villalonga [the Marques de Castelvell]. I do not believe Queen Sofia knew anything then. If she had known, she would not have welcome Diana back' Rather than complete his stay at the Marivent Palace with Diana and the boys, Charles then flew back to Britain without then.The following year, Charles and Diana did return to stay with Juan Carlos and Sofia yet again. This time, the trip was not quite the success the previous one had been. 'They picked up where they'd left off. This time Queen Sofia took a less tolerant view of what she had previously dismissed as Diana's innocent flirtatiousness,' the princess says. 'There is no question about it. They were having an affair." (The Real Diana: n.p.)

Benefits of the affair: "Independent corroboration comes from an unlikely source. An executie then working for Bijan, the upmarket jewelers, confirmed to me that King Juan Carlos bought Diana a watch costing more than 200,000 pounds. A gift of that scale, when it is not a wedding present paid for by the State, is indicative of only one thing, especially when the donor is a man who is not, in royal terms, rich." (The Real Diana: n.p.)

17) Kevin Costner.
Lover in 1997 (rumour).

18) Marcus May.
Dated 1979.

19) Oliver Hoare.

British art dealer.
Lover in 1992-1994.

"Oliver Hoare, now 59, is a salesman of a rather different type. The married art expert met the Princess at the Chelsea Harbour Gym while she was having one of her early morning workouts in 1990. Despite protestations from his long-suffering wife Diane, he romanced the Princess for four years. It was only after Diane, heiress to a French oil fortune, threatened to end their marriage following revelations about the affair that he ended it. Diana was distraught and bombarded the Hoares’ home with up to 300 nuisance calls from her mobile phone. Since then the father-of-three has concentrated on buying and selling Islamic art and is acknowledged as one of Britain’s most successful art dealers. In 2005 he was embroiled in the inquiry into the financial dealings of Sheikh Saud Al Thani of Qatar, the world’s biggest collector. It emerged from invoices that Mr Hoare had sold the cousin of the Emir of Qatar artworks worth more than £20million. Hoare never speaks about Diana and he and his wife are said to live the quiet life of “a well-heeled Kensington couple”." (Express)

"The revelation of Diana's relationship with 51-year-old art dealer Oliver Hoare, a friend of Charles, sparked further controversy. Hoare, married to heiress Diane de Waldner, was forced to call police over Di's nuisance calls to their Chelsea mansion in 1995." (Mirror)

"The years of separation were not happy ones for the Princess. She developed a passion for Oliver Hoare, an art dealer friend of the Prince of Wales, whom she had met through her husband. He was often seen arriving at Kensington Palace and there was much gossip. Hoare was married and not inclined to leave his wife. He tried to cool the relationship, at which Diana started making silent telephone calls to his wife at home. Eventually Mrs Hoare contacted the police and the calls were traced to Kensington Palace." (Daily Mail)

"Next on Mansfield's list was Old Etonian Oliver Hoare.  And with him, for the first time, we find elements of unrequited love by a Princess who, for a while, appears to have been obsessed by the sophisticated, but married, art dealer. The irony of their relationship was that Hoare, who specialised in Islamic art, was a friend of Prince Charles.  He and his French-born aristocrat wife Diane were close enough to be guests at a Windsor Castle house party during Royal Ascot in 1985.  The Hoares were also good friends of Camilla Parker Bowles's sister Annabel and her businessman husband Simon Elliott.  For years, the Prince of Wales has used Hoare's mother-in-law's beautiful French retreat in Provence for holidays... sometimes with Camilla.  And then, in 1994, it emerged that silent telephone calls were being made to Hoare's home in Chelsea.  Some of the calls were later revealed to be coming from Diana's private line in Kensington Palace, though others came from public telephone boxes.  Hoare has never uttered a word publicly about the phone calls or his friendship with Diana. Nor, it must be said, has his wife.  But Oliver Hoare's importance to Diana appears to have mushroomed into an affair after the death of her father in 1992 - Hoare, now 62, is three years older than the Prince of Wales and was 16 years older than Diana.  Like many who know Hoare, Diana found him to be a fascinating man, very well read and easy to talk to, with a mature and urbane understanding of life - so different from her husband.  Undoubtedly, however, his sexual appeal to Diana was, in part, the fact that he was her husband's friend.  The extent of their relationship was revealed by Diana's former police protection officer Ken Wharfe in a book published five years after her death. He related how, on one occasion, he had found Hoare semi-naked behind a potted bay tree in a Kensington Palace corridor, smoking a cigar.  For his part, Charles appears to have been perplexed by the relationship between Hoare and his wife, largely because he knew they were so different.  As he observed to a mutual friend: "What on earth can they talk about?"  Hoare, a father of three, remains an influential figure in the Islamic art market and he and Diane remain happily married.  They also remain on the royal guest list and friends of the Elliotts." (Daily Mail)

"The Islamic art dealer and a friend to Prince Charles was said to have become close to Diana in 1992, after the death of her father. Sixteen years older than Diana, Hoare was a suave aristocrat, and People reported the Princess became 'obsessed' with him. Though the extent of their relationship is unclear, Hoare was spotted by one of Diana’s bodyguards “semi-naked behind a potted bay tree in a Kensington Palace corridor, smoking a cigar,” according to the Daily Mail." (Biography)

20) Patrick Poivre D'Arvor. (1947-Present)

French TV journalist & broadcaster.
Lover in 1997.

"In his book 'Confessions" Poivre d'Arvor claimed: 'I had a candle-lit dinner with her and then we went off for a walk together around Paris. Just the two of us. And there was nobody around to bother us.'." (Fame Chain)
21) Philip Dunne.
British banker.
Lover in 1987?.
or Dated 1988.

Husband of: Domenica Fraser, daughter of Sir Ian Fraser, ex-Chairman of Rolls Royce

"Diana's eye was now caught by the handsome brother of her friend Millie Dunne, later the wife of Sit Winston Churchill's grandson, the Hon. Rupert Soames (Nicholas Soames's younger brother). Philip Dunne was a Clark Kent look-alike, a strapping and sexy Old Etonian who was also a successful merchant banker with Warburg's. 'All the girls were after him, and I could see why,' Richard Szpiro, the eminent merchant banker, told me. 'He's very good-looking, charming and intelligent. The classic tall, dark and handsome type. But there's a lot more to him. He's street-smart as well as civilized. He's got it all.'" (The Real Diana)

"Philip Dunne met Diana through his sister Millie and they became close friends. He joined a skiing party at Klosters in 1987, much to Charles's apparent annoyance. Speculation surrounding them peaked when they spent a weekend alone together while Charles was abroad. Merchant banker Dunne, 36, married Domenica Fraser, daughter of former Rolls-Royce chairman Sir Ian, in February 1989." (Mirror)

"Meanwhile, Diana's friendship with banker Philip Dunne attracted much speculation. He invited her to join a weekend house party at his parent's home in Herefordshire. In June 1987 they met again when Charles and Diana attended the wedding of the Marquis of Worcester and the actress Tracy Ward. Charles danced with Anna Wallace and talked to Camilla Parker Bowles. Diana danced flamboyantly with Dunne late into the night. The press seized on what may have been no more than a cleverly laid trail leading away from James Hewitt, who was the main and probably the only significant love interest in Diana's life for several years to come." (Diana: the Story of a Princess: 157-158) 

"Conservative MP Philip Dunne, tipped for promotion when David Cameron becomes party leader, scoffs at claims that he had a fling with Princess Diana.

It was said they played footsie at a restaurant and Diana put her tongue in his ear on the dance floor. "B***s," says millionaire Ludlow MP Dunne. "I holidayed with the Waleses in Klosters twice and danced with her once." Friends say Diana used him as a 'decoy' to put people off the scent of her real lover, James Hewitt." (Daily Mail)

"At the wedding dance of the Marquess of Worcester, son of the Duke of Beaufort, and his bride, Tracy Ward, sister of Rachel Ward, the Waleses were conspicuously separate all evening. Diana spent much time dancing with Philipp Dunne, an Old Etonian merchant banker, son of the Lord Lieutenant of Hereford and Worcester, and godson of Princess Alexandra. When Charles stalked across the dance floor at two A.M. to tell her he was leaving, she said she was staying, and continued to dance until dawn. The next week she attended a pop concert with David Waterhouse, a major in the household Cavalry and a nephew of the Duke of Marlborough. What emerges clearly in retrospect is that she was not in the least interested in either of these men other than as pleasant escorts." (Vanity Fair)

22) Rory Scott (1958-Present)

Also known as born Roderick Arthur Scott.

"A rather more substantial relationship was Diana's romance with Rory Scott, a well-known lieutenant in the Scots Guards who looked great in and out of a uniform. Diana spent many weekends with Rory at his parents' farm near Petworth in Surrey and he has admitted, 'I found her incredibly sexually appealing.' He has also confirmed that their relationship was 'not platonic,' though he is too much of a gentleman to enter into further discussion on such a personal subject, and if pushed would naturally resort to a gentlemanly protection of an ex-girlfriend's reputation with a decorous denial. Nevertheless, so close were they that Diana used to launder his clothes, a practice she continued even after she was seeing Prince Charles. Only when she 'had Charles in the bag,' as one friend put it, did she put a stop to her deliveries of ironing to St. James's Palace, where the handsome Scott was stationed." (The Real Diana: n.p.)

23) Sebastian Rich.
Lover in 1986.

24) Simon Berry.
Dated 1978-1980.
Serbian tennis player Slobodan Živojinović Slobodan said his relationship started with Diana in the late 80s. She would watch him play from the courtside rather than VIP area so she could be closer to him.:
Slobodan Zivojinovic &
Diana, Princess of Wales
25) Slobodan Zivojinovic.
Serbian tennis player.
Lover in 1987

26) Theodore J. Forstmann.
American billionaire businessman.
Dated in 1994-1995.

27) Tom Conti.

British actor.
Lover in 1994
28) William Carling(1965-Present)
Captain of English rugby team.
Lover in 1995

"After the affair with Hoare went askew, a vulnerable Diana had a brief affair with England rugby star Will Carling, whom she also met at the gym in 1995. The relationship led to the break-up of his marriage to TV presenter Julia Carling. After it ended there was a period in the late Nineties when Carling’s private life dominated the front pages. One moment he was Eng­land’s most capped and successful captain, the next he was being vilified after walking out on girlfriend Ali Cockayne and their baby son Henry for Lisa Cooke, wife of former Harlequins’ team-mate, David Cooke. Carling came close to a breakdown and had psychotherapy with John Cleese’s wife Alyce to help understand his behaviour. Today he lives in Hampshire with Lisa and their four children (two from her former marriage) and is in close touch with Henry, now 10. He and ­Lisa were married in 1999. Carling now divides his time between running a corporate hospitality business and a social networking site called but spoke last month of his long-term ambition of setting up a school for underprivileged children." (Express)

"After Oliver Hoare, she had fallen for the England rugby captain, Will Carling. Diana had taken the boys to watch him play, he was a regular visitor to Kensington Palace and he had given them each rugby shirts that were no doubt their pride and joy. Who knows whether they had known the true nature of their mother’s friendship with him. But on that first day of the Michaelmas term, every man and woman in the country was left in little doubt. Julia Carling was convinced Diana and her husband were more than just good friends and ended her marriage to Will in a bitter, protracted and very high-profile manner that ensured the tabloids had plenty of material to keep their readers titillated and Diana’s name in the news." (Daily Mail)

"In a way, Will Carling is the most controversial on Michael Mansfield's list because, in his autobiography, the former England rugby captain insists he 'never made a pass at her' but refuses to say whether they had a sexual relationship.  The muscular sportsman and the Princess had met twice on official occasions before they bumped into each other in the coffee shop at the Harbour Club gym in Chelsea where both used to work out. She invited him to join her.

Carling and his television presenter wife Julia split amid rumours of his passionate romance with the Princess.  Later, in his book, he revealed that the Princess had advised him to leave Julia.  He recalled that she told him: 'Listen, I don't want to pry and you can tell me to mind my own business if you wish, but you're not happy, are you? I thought so. I have a bit of experience in that area.'

Carling's visits to Kensington Palace ended when the liaison became public. He and Julia were divorced in 1996, the same year as Charles and Diana.  So how important was he to her?  'Just a diversion," says one of her circle.' And he was good for the boys - he gave them England rugby shirts.'  But few among his friends have any doubt that he and Diana were lovers.  These days, Carling, 41, runs a corporate hospitality business and an internet rugby-based social networking website." (Daily Mail)

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