Monday, October 19, 2020

British Queens (Reigning)

Mary II of England

Her lovers were:
1) Cecily Cornwallis.

2) Frances Apsley (1653-1727)

Lover in 1774.
Maid of Honour to Mary & Anne of York.

"Frances Apsley (1653–7. June 1727),[1] later Lady Bathurst, was a maid of honour to Mary and Anne of York. Letters written to her by a sentimental adolescent Mary reveal that Mary idolised Apsley. Whilst there are some historians who believe the writings to be proof of Mary's homosexuality, most historians disagree for after Mary's marriage to William of Orange she fell deeply in love with her husband. She did, however, maintain her platonic friendship with Frances, who married Sir Benjamin Bathurst, via ongoing correspondence." (Wikipedia)

"Before she married and became half of the William and Mary co-monarchy, James II's eldest daughter was a princess desperately in love---with another girl. She was Frances Apsley, the beautiful daughter of the king's hawks keeper and nine years Mary's senior. In her long string of passionate letters, the princess called Frances 'Aurelia' and addressed her as 'Husband.' x x x  After a while, Mary's deluge of clingy love letters began to make Frances uncomfortable and she started to withdraw. As Frances's letters became more and more infrequent and manner increasingly distant, Mary went into a desperate frenzy. Her desperation grew worse when she heard the news that she was to be married to her cold, asthmatic cousin, William of Orange, and sent to live with him in Holland. Mary wept nonstop for a day and a half, lamenting her fate and loss of her 'dear dearest Aurelia.' Of course she eventually got over it, learning to love her wheezy mildly hunchbacked husband and helping him usurp her father's throne in 1688." (A Treasury of Royal Scandals: 16)

"When she was 12 years old Mary had a lesbian relationship with 20-year-old Frances Apsley. They wrote passionate letters acting out the wife and calling Frances husband, and hoping for his dominance. Her sister, Anne was once a rival for Frances' attention, but Anne then found another woman for attention. . . ." (: 91)

Personal & family background.

"Frances Apsley was the daughter of Sir Allen Apsley (1629-1683) and Frances Pete (1645-1698). Her father was a falconer of James II of England and commander of the Tower of London , her mother was a country nobleman . Frances grew up with a brother." (Wikipedia)

3) Sarah Jennings, Duchess of Marlborough.

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