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Prince William's Dating History----


His dates look like a social & aristocratic register.
"Over the years, the list of young women who have been seen with William has read like a social and aristocratic register. Prior to entering St. Andrews, he was linked with Arabella Musgrave, whose father manages the Cirencester Park Polo Club, where William often plays. In 1999, he was joined on a cruise of the Greek Isles by several young women, including Davina Duckworth-Chad, whose brother James is equerry (personal attendant) to the Queen and whose father was the former high sheriff of Norfolk, where he owns a 2,000-acre estate. He was also linked with Emma Parker Bowles, Camilla's niece. Also linked to the prince were Lady Katherine Howard, the daughter of the Earl of Suffolk, and Emilia d'Erlanger, a member of a special group invited to join him and Prince Charles on a Greek Isles holiday. There were likely others linked to William, some who may have met him only once, yet there was not a single name that ever emerged to eclipse all the others on William's list prior to university and during his first year at St. Andrews. However, what all the women linked to the prince had in common was that they were fiercely protective of him." (Prince William: A Biography: 1110)
Will & Kate:
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Husband ofCatherine Middletonmar 2011.

"It was the night of the annual Don’t Walk charity fashion show, March 27, 2002, during William’s second semester, when the moment of realization suddenly hit him. As Kate shimmied down the catwalk at the five-star St. Andrews Bay Hotel, William turned to Fergus and whispered, “Wow, Fergus, Kate’s hot!” He had paid £200 for his front-row ticket, and when Kate appeared in black underwear and a see-through dress William barely knew where to look. “Kate was great on the catwalk,” recalled one of the models. “She and everyone, including William, knew it. At a party after the show William decided to make his move. As the music throbbed and beautiful young things sat sipping homemade cocktails on the winding staircase of the student house, William and Kate were huddled in a quiet corner, deep in conversation. As they clinked their glasses to toast Kate’s success, William leaned in to kiss her. It was Kate who pulled away, momentarily stunned that he had been so bold in a room full of strangers. At the time she was dating Rupert Finch, a fourth-year student, but William didn’t seem to care. “It was clear to us that William was smitten with Kate,” remembered one of their friends who was at the party and witnessed the moment. “He actually told her she was a knockout that night, which caused her to blush. There was definitely chemistry between them, and Kate had really made an impression on William. She played it very cool, and at one point when William seemed to lean in to kiss her, she pulled away. She didn’t want to give off the wrong impression or make it too easy for Will.'" (Vanity Fair)

Kate's dating history.
Harry Blakelock.

"With her stunning transformation, it wasn't long before Kate caught the eye of the best-looking boy at the school and began dating Harry Blakelock, an upper sixth former, in the fall of 1998, when she was in the lower sixth. It was her first proper romance and Kate was smitten. Tall, incredibly good looking, and popular, Harry had a reputation for being quite a catch among the girls. 'It was well known that Kate was dating Harry when he was in the upper sixth, although it has stayed secret until now. They were together for most of Harry's final year, recalled a friend and former pupil. 'Harry was a boarder in B1 and he was very sporty and captain of his year's rugby team. He was an excellent scrum half and a good cricketer. He played in the First Eleven, and he was also very good at hockey. He was what you'd call a model pupil---top of his year and very clever. Kate was in the lower sixth and it was her most serious relationship at Marlborough. It fizzled out when he left school and took a gap year [year off].' Kate was heartbroken, according to her friends. She desperately wanted to make the relationship work, but Harry was planning to travel overseas and they both agreed it would be quite impossible to be in a relationship when they would be on opposite sides of the world." (Kate: the Future Queen: n.p.)

William's dating history.
Alexandra Knatchbull.
"Mili had stiff competition in the stunningly attractive Alexandra Knatchbull, the favorite godchild of Princess Diana's. Alexandra was also a niece of Amanda Knatchbull, who turned down Charles's first marriage proposal twenty-three years earlier. According to one of Alexandra's closest friends, she and William were 'completely potty for each other. She was desperately in love, I can tell you that!'" (William and Kate: A Royal Love Story:92)

Emilia d'Erlanger
"Her close friend from her boarding school days at Marlborough College in Wiltshire, Emilia d’Erlanger, niece of the tenth Viscount Exmouth, had joined her at St. Andrews. Emilia knew William well – in 1999 she had been invited by him along with several other well-connected girls on a ten-day cruise aboard the yacht Alexander, hosted by the Prince of Wales and Camilla Parker Bowles." (The Island)

Davina Duckworth-Chad from Os muitos amores do jovem príncipe William  This former flame of Prince William's, who once accompanied him on a cruise of the Aegean sea in 1999, remains close enough to her ex to score an invite to the royal wedding. But no reason for Kate to be jealous; Davina wed Thomas Barber, the son of a baronet, in 2004 and the couple have twin tots. Prince William was even invited to her wedding! Oh, and then there's the fact that Davina and Wills are technically related. Turn
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Davina Duckworth-Chad.
June-July 1999.

"Davina, the daughter of a Norfolk landowner and second-cousin to Princess Diana, was invited by Prince William on his a yacht cruise coined the 'love boat' around the Aegean Sea in the summer of '99. It was a quick teenage summer love, though she didn't do too badly in adult life: she's married to baronet heir Tom Barber -- and has twins!" (Zimbio)

" . . . Davina went on Prince William’s ‘love boat’ — a cruise of the Aegean Sea in summer 1999. William got to ask lots of good-looking girls to disguise the fact that it was Camilla’s first holiday with Charles, but was said to be particularly taken with Davina, the daughter of a Norfolk landowner. Her mother is a cousin of Princess Diana’s, and her brother was an equerry to the Queen. Like William, she loves sailing and tennis. For five minutes it looked a perfect match. . . After university, Davina, a one-time model, worked for Lady Helen Windsor’s husband Tim Taylor in his gallery, then married Old Etonian and baronet’s heir Tom Barber. They’ve since had twins." (Daily Mail)

"This former flame of Prince William's, who once accompanied him on a cruise of the Aegean sea in 1999, remains close enough to her ex to score an invite to the royal wedding. But no reason for Kate to be jealous; Davina wed Thomas Barber, the son of a baronet, in 2004 and the couple have twin tots. Prince William was even invited to her wedding! Oh, and then there's the fact that Davina and Wills are technically related. Turns out this society gal's mum was cousins with Princess Di." (E! Online)
Rose Farquhar "dégoûtée": Le premier amour du prince William recalé de The Voice Check more at
Rose Farquhar.
British singer & actress.

"Ravishing Rose was William’s ‘first love’, when they met at Gloucestershire’s Beaufort Polo Club. Youngest daughter of Captain Ian Farquhar, master of the Beaufort Hunt. Rose attended theatre school in New York and is now a singer. Friends say she has a serious new boyfriend, but is keeping it secret." (Daily Mail)

"Rose Farquhar and Prince William dated briefly in 2000. They were seen kissing under a bridge by a farmer in 2000!" (Zimbio)

" . . . Gloucestershire Rose has known William since childhood. Youngest daughter of dashing Captain Ian Farquhar, master of the Beaufort Hunt, and his horse-mad wife Pammy Jane, Rose was William’s first proper girlfriend and his first ‘Beaufort Belle’ — the pretty girls who frequent the Beaufort Polo Club. This was a Highgrove-based post A-level romance on William’s year off in 2000-2001. She went to Westonbirt, a girls’ school in nearby Tetbury. . . Rose went to a top theatre school in New York. Now a solo singer, she says she is influenced by Dusty Springfield and Carly Simon, and has a gig coming up at the end of March in London." (Daily Mail)

"William's first serious girlfriend and the daughter of Captain Ian Farquhar of Beaufort Hunt—an English fox hunting pack—Rose stole Wills' heart way back in the puppy love days. The prince and his childhood love are still good friends, so it's no surprise this blonde broad is on the wedding guest list. Very likely, since she is no real competition for Ms. Middleton and is great friends with Prince Harry, too." (E! Online)

Natalie Hicks-Lobbecke.
British security consultant.

"An Army officer’s daughter from Warminster, Wiltshire, she used to flirt with William at the Beaufort Polo Club. Too serious and clever to have been a princess, the Bristol University graduate has worked as a security consultant in Iraq for a London-based company. She is married to property entrepreneur Ed Milbank (son of baronet Sir Anthony Milbank), with whom she has a son, Harry." (Daily Mail)

" . . . A ‘Beaufort Belle’ who used to flirt with William at the Beaufort Polo Club. An athletic head girl type and daughter of an Army officer, she’s fluent in French and German, and was captain of tennis and netball at Warminster School. You get the picture. . . Natalie is now married to intrepid property entrepreneur Ed Milbank, who is the son of baronet Sir Anthony Milbank and heir to his Yorkshire estate. He set up a company in Montenegro and she was a security consultant in Iraq for a London-based company, so they’re certainly well-matched. Now the happy parents of a young son. (Daily Mail)
Arabella Musgrave
British public relations lady
Summer 2001

"William's pre-college heartbreak. Of course, he got over it quickly, but rumor had it Prince William was "pining for" his love from the summer before St. Andrew's, Arabella Musgrave. The now-Gucci fashion PR lady also dated a family friend of Prince Charles and is now smitten with a Ford banking heir. Hmmm." (Zimbio)

"William's pre-college heartbreak. Of course, he got over it quickly, but rumor had it Prince William was "pining for" his love from the summer before St. Andrew's, Arabella Musgrave. The now-Gucci fashion PR lady also dated a family friend of Prince Charles and is now smitten with a Ford banking heir. Hmmm." (Zimbio)

"Arabella Musgrave was Prince William’s girlfriend in the summer before he went to St Andrews in 2001. They met through mutual polo club family friends and spent the summer nights at a local pub called The Tunnel House Inn. William was said to be "pining for her" when he got to college." (Zimbio)

" . . . Was William’s girlfriend in the summer before he went to St Andrews in 2001. The daughter of Major Nicholas Musgrave, who runs Cirencester Park Polo Club, she met William through his friends the Van Cutsems. It was a Gloucestershire romance: a local pub called The Tunnel House Inn was their tunnel of love. Wills was said to be ‘pining for her’ when he got to St Andrews. . . Bella swapped wellies for stilettos. She is now a slick fashion PR at Gucci, who poached her from Prada. Went out with brewery heir James Tollemache, whose father is a friend of Charles; now dates banking heir George Galliers-Pratt, who is said to be ‘car-mad’ and works for Ford." (Daily Mail)

"It was the summer of 2001, William’s final holiday before he started at St. Andrews, when Arabella Musgrave first caught his eye. She was the 18-year-old daughter of Major Nicholas Musgrave, who managed the Cirencester Park Polo Club, and they had known each other since they were little. As she walked through the house party at the van Cutsems’ family home, William did a double take. They danced and drank into the early hours, and when Arabella said her good-nights, the prince quietly slipped out of the room to follow her upstairs. It was the beginning of a passionate romance, and the two spent as much time together that summer as possible. But by the time William left for his first year at St. Andrews, in September, he and Arabella had already made the mutual decision to put their relationship on hold. William would be meeting new people at the university, and Arabella could not expect him to wait for her. The problem was that William became bored in Scotland. He missed his friends in Gloucestershire and going to his favorite nightclubs in London. The advantage of St. Andrews’s being so small was that he was well protected, but the town could be claustrophobic. He also missed Arabella. Despite his decision to cool things with her, he took comfort from the fact that she was back at home, and when he returned to Highgrove for weekends they would meet up.(Vanity Fair)
Carly Massy-Birch.
Fall 2001.

"Carly Massy-Birch, who called herself a "bumpkin" at St. Andrew's, was the first girl to swoop Prince William in (to no big surprise, lots of girls were vying to become the Princess.) The farmer's daughter, who had a striking figure, cooked William a few pasta dinners -- but the short-lived duo split up at the school's "Raisin Weekend," which basically amounts to a bunch of Brit students getting wasted and having a foam fight in fancy dresses. Normal. She's since run off to France with a sailor." (Zimbio)

" . . . Prince William’s first girlfriend when he arrived at St Andrews was a tall, pretty, bohemian farmer’s daughter from Devon who merrily described herself as a ‘bumpkin’. Fellow students were more struck by her amazing figure, which she showed to best effect in tight trousers, winning her the prestigious award of ‘finest first-year bottom’. She cooked a few pasta suppers for Wills during their first term, but then they split up at ‘Raisin Weekend’. This is a student weekend that involves getting hog-whimperingly drunk and then having a ‘foam fight’ in the centre of town in homemade fancy dress. . . Became an actress on stage and radio after St Andrews, but the lure of limelight has faded, as she has since run off to the South of France with a sailor." (Daily Mail)

"During his first semester, William started dating an English-language and creative-writing student, Carley Massy-Birch. Often William was invited to supper at Carley’s home, where he would step over her muddy Hunter Wellington boots in the hallway. Carley was also a country girl, which appealed to William—he had been brought up in the Gloucestershire countryside. “I’m a real country bumpkin,” Carley told me. “I think that was why we had a connection. William was in the year below, and we just happened to meet through the general St. Andrews mêlée. It’s such a small place that it was impossible not to bump into William, and after a while there was nothing weird about seeing him around. We got on well, but I think we would have got on well even if nothing had been going on romantically. It was very much a university thing, just a regular university romance.” They discussed plays and literature, and Carley told William all about her home life in Devon. Other evenings they would enjoy pints of cider at the Castle pub, on North Street, and play board games or enjoy dinner parties with their friends. “There wasn’t really a club at St. Andrews, so we tended to go to pubs and bars, and there was always a good dinner party going on,” recalled Carley. Although Kate had been voted the prettiest girl at St. Salvator’s, Carley’s derrière was voted the best at St. Andrews. “We would joke that Carley’s bottom had been sculpted by the gods,” recalled one of her friends. “William was very taken with her, which was completely understandable. Unlike the hordes of made-up, pashmina-clad undergraduates who devoted their time to stalking William, Carley was happy to stay in and cook for him, and their romance was so beneath the radar it was reported only years after they had both graduated. Their affair was to be short-lived, however, and ended somewhat stickily when Carley told William he had to make a decision between her and Arabella Musgrave, a young woman hundreds of miles away who seemed to be proving something of a distraction." (Vanity Fair)
Jessica Craig.

"This wasn't a true romance, more like a holiday love, but William stayed at Jecca's family 55,000-acre ranch in Kenya before heading off to St. Andrew's College. Fun fact: her family's estate, Lewa Downes, is where Wills popped the question to Kate. Craig and William remain good friends." (Zimbio)

"William had first met Jecca, daughter of British conservationist Ian Craig and his wife, Jane, in 1998 in Kenya during a school holiday. He had fallen in love with Africa and returned during his gap year to spend several weeks learning about conservation at the Craigs’ 55,000-acre game preserve, situated in the beautiful Lewa Downs, in the foothills of Mount Kenya. William had adored every minute of it and years later would get involved with the Tusk Trust, a conservation charity which finances some of Lewa’s activities and of which William is now a patron. Ian Craig recalled, “William just loves Africa, that’s clear. He did everything from rhino spotting to anti-poaching patrols to checking fences. He’s a great boy.” It was not long before rumors were circulating among their friends that something was going on. William had apparently had a secret crush on Jecca since the first time he met her. She was beautiful, with long blond hair, deep-blue eyes, and legs like a gazelle’s. But when it was reported in British papers that the two had staged a mock engagement ceremony to pledge their love to each other before William returned to England, the prince instructed his aides to deny this had happened." (Vanity Fair)

"But Prince William is perhaps going above the call of duty, having flown to Kenya last week for the nuptials of his teenage love, Jecca Craig, 34, who was married on Friday to conservationist Professor Jonathan Baillie on the Lewa wildlife reserve run by her father, Ian Craig. William has always been exceptionally close to the Craig family—he skipped his cousin Peter Philips’s wedding to attend that of Jecca’s brother. Indeed, Kate is rumored to have experienced more than the occasional tinge of jealousy when it comes to Jecca, and has apparently done so ever since Jecca was seated in pride of place at William’s right hand side at his 21st birthday in June 2003, after Kate and William had decided to moved in together at St. Andrew’s University. Kate hasn’t gone with him on this trip, but allegations of jealousy may be misplaced—Kate has a forthcoming royal trip to India and Bhutan. Although William has not had as complicated a love life as his brother, he was known to have an eye for the ladies in his youth. So who are William’s ex-girlfriends? Read our definitive guide. William and Jecca have had a complicated relationship over the years. She is part of the ‘naughty’ royal set of William’s old friends—of which Kate largely disapproves. She was the only girl to accompany William, Harry, and four male friends on a wild boar hunting trip to Spain in 2013, for example. William’s relationship with Jecca goes way back to the pre-Kate years. He is often said by ill-informed commentators to have first met her in 2000, when he spent a the gap year at the Kenyan ranch owned by Jecca’s parents where her wedding just took place. In fact, the families have known each other for much longer than that. Jecca did grow up mainly in Kenya, attending a small Kenyan boarding school, but the family were frequent visitors to London, where their circle of friends included the posh environmentalist set, including, significantly, Mark Shand, Camilla’s late brother, who was a friend of Ian Craig, Jecca’s father. It has been rumored that William’s feelings for Jecca were a factor in his 2007 split from Kate. Ultimately, the relationship would probably never have worked out because Jecca--strong, self-assured and willful--would never have been able to slot into royal life." (Daily Beast)

" . . . Rumoured holiday romance with William during his 2000-2001 gap year when he stayed at Lewa Downs, her parents’ 55,000-acre ranch in Kenya. Presence at his ‘Out Of Africa’ themed 21st at Windsor Castle in 2003, placed next to William, may have irritated Kate. . . A willowy beauty who once wore a Crocodile Dundee hat to a grand English wedding. Anthropology graduate studying a strange tribe — the Royal Family. Now a top literary agent." (Daily Mail)

Olivia+Hunt in Prince William and Kate Middleton at a Friend's Wedding
Olivia Hunt.

"Leggy blonde Olivia Hunt and Prince William met through some socialite mutual friends in London, including the Queen and what not. While Olivia was studying at Edinburgh University, she used to meet up with William at a pub called the Cumberland. Now Olivia's sister is married to William's chummy friend. Ah, to be so connected to royalty." (Zimbio)

"Olivia Hunt, the daughter of a doctor, briefly dated Prince William when she was a student at Edinburgh University. She and William remain good friends." (Zimbio)

"She had a flirtation with Wills when she was at Edinburgh University. An aspiring literary agent, she and William have many posh mutual friends, such as the van Cutsems. And her best friend Mary Douglas-Home’s father is close to the Queen." (Daily Mail)

" . . . A pre-Kate Scottish blink-and-you-missed-it flirtation. The Heathfield-educated daughter of a Belgravia doctor, Olivia and William shared lots of mutual friends, such as the Van Cutsems and her bestie, Lady Mary Douglas-Home, whose father is friends with the Queen. She and Mary were at Edinburgh University, where they’d hang out with William in a pub called The Cumberland. . . Olivia, now 27, has stayed friends with William and Kate and has skied with them in Klosters. Like Jessica Craig, she is an aspiring literary agent at United Agents, where she works as an assistant for top dog Caroline Dawnay. Hers will be another outfit worth watching. She wears McQueen and Issa — Kate’s favourite — in a slightly quirky fashion, and has the figure to carry it off." (Daily Mail)

"The Prince’s first university girlfriend, Olivia Hunt, dated William during their first year at St Andrews University, but their romance fizzled out when Kate arrived on the scene. “William was seeing Olivia when he met Kate, and when Kate came on the scene Olivia moved off pretty quickly,” a university pal said in 2007. “Kate was jealous of other girls at St Andrews.” Olivia, who worked for hotelier Andre Balazs, has remained friends with Kate and William and has skied with them at Klosters." (Daily Beast)

Bryony Daniels.

"Britain's dashing Prince William is "on the cusp of a deeper relationship" with a fellow student who strides the catwalk when she is not hitting the books, the Sun newspaper said on Monday. William, 20, the eldest son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana, met Bryony Daniels, also 20, three years ago, and they now see "a fair amount of each other", it quoted Daniels' mother Pauline as saying. An unidentified "friend" of the students added: "They are now very close and are often seen wandering around together" in Saint Andrews, Scotland, where the two attend university. "It appears like a friendship on the cusp of a deeper relationship," the friend added. The Sun illustrated its report with three colour photos of Daniels on the catwalk at a charity fashion show in Saint Andrews. Daniels' father David Daniels was reported to be a "wealthy landowner" who lives in Sudbury, in Suffolk in the east of England. In London, a spokesperson for the British royal family denied that William and Daniels were an item. "In no way is she a girlfriend," a spokesperson told the Sun." (News 24 Archives)
Isabella Calthorpe
9) Isabella Calthorpe (1980-?)
British actress & model.

"And then there was William’s budding relationship with another stunning heiress, Isabella Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe. While Kate was girl-next-door pretty, Isabella had cover-girl looks, a title, and a stately pile to boot. That summer William visited the Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe family home in Chelsea to see her. Isabella, daughter of banking heiress Lady Mary Gaye Curzon, was single at the time. Sadly for William, she had no aspirations to date him and despite his amorous advances declared that she was not interested." (Vanity Fair)

"William met Isabella Calthorpe at a dinner party hosted by his cousin Eugenie in 2001, when he was 19, well before he ever laid eyes on Kate. Blue-blooded Isabella is the daughter of John Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe, (who was the son of Sir Richard Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe, 2nd Baronet), and Lady Mary-Gaye Georgiana Lorna Curzon (daughter of the sixth Earl Howe) and was very much seen as marriageable material, so friends and family were disappointed when the two did not start dating. However, all that changed in 2005 when William and Kate separated for the first time, and William threw himself into pursuing Isabella, who is the half-sister of Harry’s former flame Cressida Bonas. Many of William’s friends were delighted as they didn’t like Kate; they found her cold, boring, and common. In the end, it was Isabella who made it clear the relationship could not work and Will got back together with Kate. In 2013 Isabella married Sam Branson, son of Richard Branson, heir to a £3.4 billion fortune. The couple married at his father’s safari lodge near Kruger National Park. Princess Beatrice of York and Princess Eugenie of York were present at the wedding but William stayed away." (Daily Beast)

"Kate Middleton reportedly broke it off with Prince William briefly in 2004 because he'd become close with actress Isabella Calthorpe. Friends say that William and Isabella never dated, however; She ended up with Will's good friend Sam Branson, anyway." (Zimbio)
Anna Sloan
Anna Sloan
@Daily Mail
Anna Sloan.
American department store heiress.

"American heiress who met Wills when she studied at Edinburgh University." (Hello Magazine)

" . . . Blonde Anna was a student at Edinburgh Uni when William met her. The department store heiress from Nashville, Tennessee had, like the Prince, lost a parent in tragic circumstances: her father died in a shotgun accident on the 360-acre family estate. William stayed with her in August 2004. It is not clear whether his priority was Anna or gallivanting around Tennessee. . . Anna moved to London and worked for the top-notch Chelsea-based interior decorator Veere Grenney before setting up an interior design business with Edinburgh chum Emilia d’Erlanger called d’Erlanger and Sloan, where they promote muted, international good taste." (Daily Mail)

" . . . He was seen partying with some of them, and flew to Tennessee to visit an American heiress, Anna Sloan. . . ." (Royal Romances: n.p.)

"A number of things had caused her to question William’s commitment, although she had not raised them with him yet. One was William’s friendship with an American heiress named Anna Sloan, whom he had met through mutual friends at Edinburgh University, where Anna was studying. Anna had lost her father, businessman George Sloan, in a tragic shooting accident on the family’s 360-acre estate in Nashville, and she and William had bonded over the loss of their parents. When William accepted an invitation from Anna to accompany her and a group of friends to Tennessee for a holiday before he went to Greece, it hurt Kate deeply. She suspected William might have feelings for the 22-year-old heiress. However, according to her friends, Anna was not romantically interested in William, and the friendship was never anything more than just that." (Vanity Fair)

Image result for prince william and Natasha Hamilton
Natasha Hamilton.
British singer.

"Natasha Hamilton is a 35 year old British Singer. Born Natasha Maria Hamilton on 17th July, 1982 in Kensington, Liverpool, England, she is famous for Atomic Kitten. Her zodiac sign is Cancer." (WDW)

"Former Atomic Kitten Natasha Hamilton spoke with The Sun after she appeared to be photographed poking her tongue towards Prince Williams’ mouth during Saturday’s Prince’s Trust 30th anniversary concert at the Tower Of London. “I was doing the Royal line-up,” the 23-year-old said. “He said hello and kissed me on the cheek. The camera has picked up the moment he leant in and we moved towards each other. The angle it’s taken from makes it look like I’m trying to snog his face off. But I don’t understand how my tongue came to be in the shot. It is so embarrassing. It’s blown my chance of a Damehood I suppose!'" (Popdirt)

Ana Ferreira.
" . . . On March 22, 2007, at a nightclub in Bournemouth, he was caught in the flashbulbs with his arm around a pretty eighteen-year-old Brazilian student, Ana Ferreira, who was quite certain that William groped her breast, and she cheerfully told the press about it. . . ." (Royal Romances: Titillating Tales of Passion and Power in the Palaces of Europe: n.p.)

Rosie van Cutsem.

"William reportedly dated Rosie briefly after he split from Kate Middleton in 2007. Aristocratic with a hint of the bohemian, she is a passionate equestrienne and a headhunter in the City. Last month, Rosie (nee Ruck Keene) married William van Cutsem, with Wills and Kate among the guests." (Daily Mail)

Tess Shepherd.
"Immediately before the April 2007 breakup with Kate, Prince William was spotted sharing a drunken embrace with Tess Shepherd on the dancefloor after meeting through a mutual friend in trendy London club Boujis. Eventually William decided to break up with Kate, which he did by cellphone. That evening he jumped up on a table in the nightclub Mahiki, proclaiming, “I’m free!”" (Daily Beast)

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